View Full Version : How many bowls a day?

12-15-2015, 07:57 PM
How many bowls do you smoke a day?

Do you ever smoke one bowl then switch up pipes and have another right away?

This would be a great "poll" question if we had that feature, but as I understand it when there is a poll feature IceHog floods the site with "How sexy am I from from 1 to 10" polls and the damnedest part is he only gives you choices of 8, 9 or 10!

12-15-2015, 08:58 PM
Yes, I have done this.

I've even smoked back to back bowls out of the same pipe :pi

12-16-2015, 01:24 AM
I haven't smoked a bowl in 30 years but I intend to change that in 2017.

And the choces are 10, 11 or infinity. :D

12-16-2015, 09:20 AM
I haven't smoked a bowl in 30 years but I intend to change that in 2017.

And the choces are 10, 11 or infinity. :D

I knew someone would go there. Take care of those migraines and glaucoma!

12-16-2015, 10:57 AM
So Adam - here's the thing - it's all about mood. Sometimes I go weeks without touching a pipe, because I am cigar mode, or clean lung mode (yes, that does happen). In the winter I generally have a bowl on the way to work (I walk) and one heading home. Sometimes at a herf I'll light a couple back to back. My pipe pouch always has 2 pipes in it.

I have some rules - I don't mix pipes used for aros with those used for traditional blends. My Dunhill '61 bulldog only ever smokes Penzance - it's like some weird superstition that such a classy pipe needs an exceptional tobacco. If a tobacco smokes "wet" I'll switch pipes for a different blend. I rotate pipes - I have a couple of favorites, but I make a point of letting them dry between smokes.

Pipe smoking has a serious fiddle factor to it - packing, lighting (relighting), cleaning, scraping, changing, collecting, etc are all part of the experience.

No science in it - just tradition and superstition. If you have enough pipes you can have a whole lot of fun mixing things up.

Unless you're retired or have a government job, you're kinda limited in how many you can have in a day anyway.

12-16-2015, 06:00 PM
Currently I smoke a couple PC sized cigars a day, monte 4s or principes, something that area, one of the reasons for taking up the pipe is to lessen the load on the cigar budget and well I like the idea of pipes, the leisure smoke that you aren't committed to like you are with a cigar. There are so many fantastic blends out there and yes the pipes themselves, all of it really.

Today I brought the corncob to work and just smoked that and yes leaving it a tree so I don't bring it in the office and tick people off, it's fine though and everyone knows it's mine so it doesn't get messed with ... well at least that's what they tell me. :lr

I love to fiddle with it (Phrasing!) the lighting and tamping the relighting, everything you said, for some reason the tamping part is awesome to me, stoking the fires as it were.

The tabaccy that people have sent is awesome, it let's me try so many things, take some notes if I find something that really strikes my fancy, I think I just need to read up (or watch videos) on different pipes, what is best for aromatics (if there is such a thing) and go from there.

I have been smoking a bowl, then cleaning out the pipe and putting it on the rack, if I feel like another bowl or one later I just take another pipe to let the first one dry / sit, that much I have learned from reading all the threads here, actually I've learned a ton from the threads here. :tu

I don't work for the Government and I will retire about 2 hours before I die because I'll have to work right up till that moment. :lr

12-17-2015, 06:46 AM
Yes, I have done this.

I've even smoked back to back bowls out of the same pipe :pi

Burn the witch!!

Kidding of course. I've smoked 10 bowls a day, albeit small bowls for a quick smoke. Back to back in the same piece is fine so long as it's enjoyable to you. I'd say on average though, 3-4 a day of varying sizes.