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12-01-2015, 11:32 AM
Size: 5 x 42
Wrapper: Indonesian Busuki Oscuro
Binder: Indonesian Busuki
Filler: Indonesian Busuki
Body: Medium-Full
Strength: Mild-Medium
Smoke Time: 1.25 Hours

Superb! Very firm pack. Very toothy wrapper. Draw is perfect.

Pre-Light Aroma:
Heavy Manure and Leather off the wrapper. With some age these smells tame down a bit, but not the flavor! Mild hay can also be picked up off the foot.

First Third:
Super smooth from the first light. Smooth retrohale. Heavy Leather blasts you right away! As you keep smoking you get a nice coffee flavor that comes in to compliment the leather. Smoke isn't creamy, nor is it dry. Ash falls off into the lap at the end of the third. No need to babysit this cigar, as it stays lit with no problems.

Second Third:
No major changes to see here...sit back and keep enjoying that cigar!

Final Third:
A very small hint of sweetness works its way into the end of the final third. Still the same beautiful profile of leather and coffee. I nub this cigars to 1/8" every time I smoke them. I have pictures to prove it! They are that good!

Last Thoughts:
Delicious! Easily one of my favorite cigars, has been since the first one I had. Not easy to find, so if you are able to find some buy them without hesitation! Pairs so well with Coffee, Bourbon, Beer...Everything!

FYI...My VERY last one of these is in the 5 pack sampler gift being drawn for in the Christmas Giveaway!

Ron Stacy Signature Corona (https://youtu.be/OVljmkpCMAA)

12-01-2015, 11:51 AM
Love these cigars! Nice review

12-01-2015, 02:44 PM
First thing I do when I get a box of these (besides smoke one right away) is hide them at the bottom of my humidor so they last me awhile!

I never "truly" forget about them, but as I start digging for one, I usually find another cigar that distracts me, or whisper my name and I will pull away with that stick for some good times. But I think "Next time Ron Stacy Signature...Next time!"