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A gynecologist had become fed up with his job and decided to change professions. One day after seeing an advertisement for an auto mechanic school on TV, he decided to sign up. The Dr studied very hard and gave it the same level of excellence as he did when practicing medicine.
The day of the final exam came. The Dr had to completely rebuild an engine, which he did in record time. When the grades were posted, he was surprised to see that he had achieved a score of 125%. Curious, he spoke to his teacher.
"I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything but how can I have gotten a score above 100%?" he asked.
"Well" said the instructor, 'You took the engine apart perfectly, that accounts for 50% of the grade, you put it back together flawlessly, that accounts for 50% or the grade. The extra 25% is because never in my career have I seen that all done through a four inch exhaust pipe!"

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:r almost spit coffee out my nose on that one!

That's one funky impact wrench!

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