View Full Version : DE Cigar Event

09-25-2015, 09:25 PM
My pt job is with a smallish cigar shop and we had a Drew Estate event tonite that was a blast. Very good turnout and saw htf sticks that I rarely see available. We had Ratzillas, Dirty Rats and Flying Pigs as well as the staples. I planned to shop after the event and pick a box of the 'zillas, but they sold out. So did the rats and pigs. At 25% box discounts, not surprised. Next time, I'll put the goodies away early. Still, a great time for all. DE hosts one of the best events I've seen. Specials, raffles, free cigars to introduce cigar enthusiasts to new lines, beer and pizza to keep stomachs full. Lots of cool swag, too! DE hosts one of the more generous cigar events and offers top notch discounts. I sampled a nice mild stick that I'll keep around. Hoya Red, a very smooth, creamy cigar with a light, fairly complex flavor profile. This one likes to be smoked on the easy side to pick-up on all the different tastes. :tu