View Full Version : Keep your sticks out of the light...

07-12-2015, 07:30 PM
Most everyone knows to keep cigars out of direct sunlight (hopefully). It's also a good idea to keep them away from long-term exposure to flourescent and iridescent lights as well. I have a part time position in a cigar shop and have seen quite a few sticks that are not fast movers with definite lightening / fading of the wrapper coloration. These lightened sticks are all kept under a direct light source. Interesting that if you dig down far enough in the boxes, you usually can find sticks with the normal coloration. I'm not sure if the faded sticks suffer any loss of flavors, but they are usually pretty fugly! These are in commercial size upright humidors. No issues with the walk-in humidor rooms at all. Pointed this out to a manager and they lowered the brightness considerably to what is hopefully a more acceptable level.
Makes me wonder if keeping cigars at home in a humidor with glass can have a similar effect on the sticks - ? None of my humi's at home have glass and after seeing this, I don't think I'd consider it. :2