View Full Version : Rest in Peace Glen A. Larson

11-15-2014, 03:02 PM
Rest in Peace and thank you for the countless, enjoyable hours sitting in front of the boob-tube.

Larson was one of the most prolific producers of the '70s and '80s ... creating a string of iconic hit shows -- including "Battlestar Galactica," "The Fall Guy," "B.J. and the Bear," and "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."

He also wrote the original "Six Million Dollar Man" pilot and TV movies.

In case you're wondering ... Quincy, Magnum, Rider and Fall Guy alone account for 513 hours of television -- as well as 21 combined seasons from 1976-88.

In the words of Twiki ... aw nuts!

11-15-2014, 03:36 PM
He will be remembered for a very long time. May He Rest In Peace.

11-15-2014, 10:52 PM
R.I.P., Mr. Larson, and I forgive you for BJ and the Bear. :)

11-16-2014, 01:16 PM
I have been watching Magnum on Netflix bing mode the last couple of weeks, I suppose I was younger and not into Magnum back then, but he certainly kills a lot of people, hell if I realized that I would have been all over it, ok and the 308 GTS is just a badasss Ferrari.