View Full Version : Camacho Triple Maduro

10-23-2014, 08:33 PM
Short review on the Camacho Triple Maduro 4.5 x 50 short Robusto. This stick has been sleeping quietly in the stash for about 18 months. Pre-light aroma was heavenly with lots of earthiness, horse stall, dark coffee and robust dark tobacco notes exploding as soon as the wrapper came off. Took some serious time to light, due to the all Maduro construction. Once lit, the draw was perfect. The burn was consistent, with a few touch-ups needed to keep thing going straight. Surprisingly, flavors were quite smooth and reserved. Looks like this stick mellowed some during the sleep. First half had notes of bittersweet chocolate, expresso and dark tobacco. Very smooth and creamy, staying cool all the way. The flavors and strength ramped up in the second half when the cigar hit it's stride. Same flavors, just more pronounced and tasty! Overall, a great little cigar that lasted well over an hour! Thankfully, I have several more stashed away! Highly recommended!
Postscript...these are IMHO, very different than the new Comacho line, which are sweeter and have more chocolate/cocoa/ coffee notes. Both are excellent cigars. :tu