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10-08-2014, 05:48 PM
It seems like I could use a whole box of q-tips on my cob shanks and they would still come out a light tan color. I think the pine really absorbs the juice.

Do you guys try to get them perfectly clean? Has anyone used a retort? I wonder how this would work for cleaning.

Also, I've noticed they don't really seem to be building up that much cake? I wonder if this is normal. Not that they need a cake, but I don't wipe out the bowl when I'm done with them.

10-08-2014, 06:45 PM
I am not a Cob guy. Only know what I have been told over the last 25 years of smoking a pipe. and Yes I did have a cob even 25 years ago. Started with a Dr. Grabow Omega and a Cob. Then bought a Meer. Didn't take to the cob for some reason at first and SMOKED the heck out of my Omega. Still have the pipe and almost as good as new...

Oh Back to the Cob. I started smoking them in my daily rotation only a little while ago now. One thing I want to touch on as some people may not think resting is needed, However one thing about a COB and don't know how but they can take on Moisture (In most part that is a good thing) However if you live in an area like I did where it rains all the time and Rh is like 55 to 70% all year long LOL (Where I went wrong is the PIPE needs to Dry) Wish I would have learned that 22 years ago LOL. Anyway it can be as little as 30min to a few hours or days depending on where you live. Here to RH 11% so just leave it on the desk for 15 or 20 min pack nd go again for me....

Cake. Well some don't like cake. One because the cob it self takes the moisture and tars and puts them away well... Plus some like the extra flavor of the Corn, (I know I do) so if there is a cake then no corn tastes... Also like with Meerschaum if you let cake form it can crack the pipe (Dang it I have one of them pipes, Split on both sides. Bad cake bad!!) Cleaning my Cob I just run pipe cleaners done the stem and shank. remove all extra ash and any unburnt tobacco that may have formed and after every 10 or so pipes I will run a q-tip down the shank hardly ever feel like it needs it but I do anyway dipped in Alcohol. clean it dry and let it rest until the next day. I do that the night before... For the most part after use, remove all the ash/unburnt tobacco from bowl with Czech tool run a pipe cleaner down the stem and shank and your good to go. Every now and again I will take a soft cloth and get it little damp not to much and wash down the outside of the pipe, again at the end of the night and let it rest till next day.

One thing about Cobs is the no fuss really. I mean for the most part they are cheap and if one happens to go out easy to get another... In the case that you bought extra parts and have bits and things that change the COB from what is was shipped from factory then sure may want to take better care. I smoke mine about 4 times a day at times way more then I wish I did because my other pipes don't get smoked. But the Cob is just so forgiving...

I am not an Expert and I am sure others will give more and better advice. Only can say Enjoy and smoke your cob with Pride....


10-11-2014, 09:26 PM
I have only been smoking cobs since the late 90's. All I have needed to clean is stem with a pipe cleaner. Usually one or two passes. On a rare occasion I'll see something left in the bowl I'll twist the end of a paper towel in there for a few turns.

10-12-2014, 05:25 PM
OnePyroTec has this right. A cob is very low maintenance. Czech tool if anything sticks in the bowl, couple pipe cleaners, wipe the stem if you really feel like it. Voila! I love em