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A pair of Alabama fans, Billy Ray and Jim Bob, are walking down the street in Atlanta when they see a sign that says, "Suits $5 each, Dress Shirts $2.50". Billy Ray freezes and says to Jim Bob, "Well by god Jim Bob, lookey how cheap dem shirts and suits are. Why don't we buy up and bunch, take'm back to Tuscaloosa and sell'em, we'd make a fortune!" Jim Bob thinks for a minute and says, "Billy Ray, you are a genius! Lemme do the talkin though, my accent ain't as bad and they might not want to sell us that many if they know we from Alabama, they might figure out what we is plannin". "Good idea" says Billy Ray.

So they go in the store and Jim Bob says to the man behind the counter, "We would like 100 shirts and 50 suits please, if you have that many in stock, I'll run to my truck and get cash for them". The shop owner interrupts and says, "you boys are from Alabama aren't you?". "Howja know?" Billy Ray replied. The owner chuckled and answered, "Because this is a dry cleaners".

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But I'll have to remember it when Rutgers plays 'bama in the NCG. :o

Hey, we can dream! :)

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:r :r