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10-05-2014, 01:35 PM
I'm going to try something a bit different and give my takes as I smoke it.

This is a beautifully made cigar that is one of a five pack I bought on release. I have 3 left.




Starting at roughly 3:40 pm...To be continued

10-05-2014, 01:42 PM
First draws after lighting are full of pepper and spice. A little something sweet on the back end. Smooth profile though.

10-05-2014, 02:12 PM
Hitting the second third the smoke is dry and powerful. Still smooth if you retrohale slowly. Getting a citrus tang on my tongue. Less pepper.

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b359/B16CRXT/Cigars/A8F7E383-CB27-492B-A2FC-2025F727E216_zpsd3rf4ihq.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/user/B16CRXT/media/Cigars/A8F7E383-CB27-492B-A2FC-2025F727E216_zpsd3rf4ihq.jpg.html)

EDIT: not sure why this pic isn't showing in the first post cuz the code is there but...
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b359/B16CRXT/Cigars/DF12C93B-5FA1-4F1A-8412-68D27F7BE503_zpsh9or3h8m.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/user/B16CRXT/media/Cigars/DF12C93B-5FA1-4F1A-8412-68D27F7BE503_zpsh9or3h8m.jpg.html)

10-05-2014, 02:50 PM
Floral notes and still a bit a spice at this point. Been a very enjoyable cigar so far :)

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b359/B16CRXT/Cigars/A1C1B2B7-66E8-4DD1-B2C5-DF4D5AC4AEC5_zpspwc6ofsg.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/user/B16CRXT/media/Cigars/A1C1B2B7-66E8-4DD1-B2C5-DF4D5AC4AEC5_zpspwc6ofsg.jpg.html)

10-05-2014, 03:21 PM
Getting hot at this point. Still tastes great and same flavor profile since the start of the second third. This cigar produces a ton of smoke and I'm really looking forward to the next three! This last bit is very light and floral. Great smoke :)

Total smoke time about 2 hours.

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b359/B16CRXT/Cigars/9E5263B9-16E4-424B-8D17-783847C91E27_zpsoityjxlc.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/user/B16CRXT/media/Cigars/9E5263B9-16E4-424B-8D17-783847C91E27_zpsoityjxlc.jpg.html)

10-05-2014, 04:10 PM
Thanks for the review.

Though out of my wheelhouse size wise, I have enjoyed every Face I've smoked(bought a dress box when they were released)

10-05-2014, 04:35 PM
Yea they are much bigger than I prefer. I'm a petite corona or robusto smoker.

Big Maduro
10-09-2014, 10:41 PM
Sound awesome, thanks for that review.

10-10-2014, 07:16 AM
Thanks for the review, this is a great cigar, enjoy the rest of them.

10-10-2014, 03:46 PM
picture say a thousand words