View Full Version : Lane LTD History (What have you Smoked)

09-15-2014, 09:29 PM
Ok today while i was out smoking my pipe with an Old timer. One that has been smoking for longer then I have been alive. I enjoy chilling with him listening to old stories of days past..... Well I was shocked to find out that he knows a lot about tobacco that I thought couldn't be right. However it is he still had a Tin of tobacco that I hadn't heard of called Eringold by Lane LTD.

We sat down in his Den, packed our pipes with some Eringold Tobacco, some Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 yrs in a Glencairn glass. I felt like I went back in time as we talked about one of his Favorite Tobaccos companies back in the day. Lane LTD. Then I found out something that I thought I knew but never really knew lol. Some of the OTC tobaccos that I buy and have bought from time to time are all Lane LTD. This Eringold is a Tobacco that isn't really even a Lane Product he states but is lic under Lane LTD name. He has 4 of these Tins left and no matter how much money I offered he wasn't giving one up LOL. Not that I was really in love of the taste I think it was the history and simple look of the Tin. Yellow with Green and a 3 leaf clover on the bottom. A simple Aro. This Tin has 17+ years age on it he said and he has removed it from the Cold Cellar last month where he took me for the first time to see other Tobacco that he has had some for as long as 20 years. First Shock, Then Awe and was like a kid in a candy store. Sadly he has only made 2 conditions of my Smoking with him. I can't take Pictures and I can't invade his stash lol. Well after about 2 hours of wonderful stories about tobaccos that i didn't even know was branded by Lane and smoke not even theirs form what he says but Lic with paid Royalties It has opened my mind to a different world of Tobaccos. It is nice to learn some of the things about Tobaccos. I found out that some of the Tobacco that I have are really Lane LTD under a different brand and have to look for the Lane name to even know it. Heck I buy Tobacco to smoke don't ready the packaging.... Anyway i had more to say but somethings have come up on the Home front and can't finish this right now. Started this over 2 hours ago and just got back and now not so fresh in my mind. I can say that he has 15 OTC some I have smoked and didn't even know was lane products. He smokes other blends then Lane LTD but most of his stash is Old Products some not even able to buy anymore. I learn something new everyday. And today was a great day for a little walk down another person that enjoys smoking like I do memories.
Right now. I have 5 Lane LTD products 4 OTC under Generic names One being Captain Black. Smoke that for a while and never even looked to see it was a Lane Product.