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09-09-2014, 05:26 PM
This is an area to share if you like your smoking.. I will start. :)

I feel there is no right or wrong way to smoke and enjoy the hobby!

I do smoke indoors, I do have 2 Oreck Air Purifiers that i use, In the main smoking room I use a Oreck XL Professional left on 24x7 and the collector cell cleaned once every other week or when it starts to pop from extra build up. After my last smoke I turn off the Air Revitalizer part of the unit. Most times it is used on Silence mode, If my Wife, son and I are smoking I will move the speed up to medium and turn on a different Air exchange system if we are smoking cigars. The Air Exchange system has a heater in the air intake for colder days of winter time is controlled by temp sensor. If warm enough it only draws in fresh air without heat. Exhaust is by a 250cfm ultra quiet fan.

I have a Collection of Pipes of about 81 right now.

I smoke way more then I should and at times more then I admit to.

My day starts with loading a few pipes of tobacco. Some days I use 2 or 3 pipes and some days more. today while smoking my AM Cigar I loaded 4 Pipes of some tobacco to help them dry out some before I smoke them. If I am going to smoke some already dry blends I won't pack them until I am ready to smoke them, Like most of the Hearth & Home Blends I smoke are dried enough out of the tin. After I smoke a pipe I clean it, Clean it by removing the stem after it cools, run a pipe cleaner in the stem & shank, remove the ash, run the Czech tool around the bowl a couple of times to remove any stuck unburnt tobacco if any. Then run a rolled up paper towel in the bowl and shank to get any extra moisture out of both. Depending on tobacco and pipe I will at times reload it then in wait for the next smoke or wait an hour or 2 before I reload.

While i am watching TV or just chilling I will once a week do a deep clean of the pipes that I used most that week. Some times that will include reaming out the pipe and doing salt treatment.

I know some people think a little over doing it, and maybe I am. I just like clean pipes that don't have sour taste or taste strange from what I am used to. I think that is why I don't celler my tobacco. When I buy it it is opened and smoked.

Pipes are kind of like my RC Hobby where after every run I will before the end of the day do a clean up. All while I am smoking a pipe or cigar. On my Nitro cars and trucks that sit for a while I will remove the glow plug and give them a shot of WD40 and in the intake as well. I have a few back up Nitro motors that are not installed in a car or truck right now and even give them care every few months. That way they don't rust or go bad. I know sounds like OCD but it is the way I care for my things lol. The electric cars and trucks are different story and won't go into my OCD care LOL.

Well that is it right now. Love the fun times.