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09-03-2014, 07:24 PM
This is my second of five reviews for the Ortega Project cigars. Minus some smoking issues I loved the first one.


This second blend is a straight toro, 6x50. The cigar wrapper is a bit rough and toothy with some medium veins. It seems pretty well put together minus a slight softness in the middle. It has a wonderful barn/tobacco smell to it with a bit of spice added at the foot.


The cigar cut and lit easily. The draw is delightfully free, which I enjoy. Even though I loved the flavors of the first blend, the draw was a bit tight, though that was probably my fault for smoking it right away, this one has had a bit over a month at 65% to even out. This cigar misses that initial spicy sweet flavor hit of Blend #1. More of a medium in flavor and body to start. The initial flavors are more woody than chocolaty, but it picks up pretty quickly as the wood fades and a nice spice/chocolate flavor kicks in.


As I hit a bit over an inch in the flavors and smoke volume are really picking up. It's really quite good, just not that WOW in flavor that the first blend was. The burn line is tight, but wavy. The ash seems to be holding well at the inch mark but will probably drop soon since I'll probably touch up this wave. The flavor has picked up a bit of sweetness but the body and strength remain a medium to me, though quite enjoyable. The finish is very light but pleasant. The ash is still holding at the two inch mark, I haven't tapped it but not really nursing it either.


It finally dropped off around the 2 1/2 inch spot, and the burn line evened itself out without any touchups. The flavor, body, and strength all picked up around the halfway mark becoming a very enjoyable smoke.


The smoke just kept picking up to the end. I must say I enjoyed the heck out of this cigar, though it lacks the wow factor of Blend #1 I'd be perfectly happy with a box of these as well.

09-03-2014, 07:27 PM
And I must say, it was good to the last drop. :ss


09-03-2014, 07:49 PM
I am going to smoke 1 and 2 this Saturday

09-04-2014, 06:52 PM
Nice review, looks like a good smoke! Heck of a nub job by the way!