View Full Version : NOOB Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto

09-02-2014, 06:41 AM
The Aroma: Nothing stood out to amaze me but still was pleasant the whole way through.

The Burn: The burn was fantastic, stayed even the whole way through, good times.

The Taste: This had a very nice cocoa taste to me with some hints of carmel. At times there was a very light earthy taste as well.

The Aftertaste: It really carried to cocoa taste for a while, I was very pleased with this.

The Look: Very fine crafted cigar. The wrapper was well constructed and had a nice grain look to it, I assume this is kind of what all maduros have going on?

The Time: Was just over 1 hour (maybe 1 1/2)

Paired with: Darajeeling Tea (made it sweet)

The Price: 14$, to me this is a bit much for this cigar. I would say it would be better at around 6-9.

Overall Opinion: Very nice cigar, I will look for more Davidoffs to try, have not been let down as of yet!