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08-30-2014, 07:16 AM
Seeing the Randy Rooster joke reminded me of another:

An old rooster gets up in the morning, heads out to announce the sunrise and sees that there is a much younger rooster sitting on his perch. He approaches the younger rooster and says, " I know what you are doing here, the farmer got you to replace me. I'm getting old and can't do my job as well any more. I understand, everyone's time comes at some point. I tell you what, let me help you out some. Why don't you start chasing me around, squawking and making as much noise as possible. That way all the hens will see you as the new dominant rooster and you can just get to work".

The younger rooster is taken aback and says, "Are you sure? That is really kind of you."

"Of course" says the older rooster. So they start to it, the new rooster is raising all sorts of hell and chasing the old rooster all around the yard. Inside the farmer hears the commotion, jumps up from the breakfast table, grabs his shotgun and blows away the young rooster. The farmer sits back down at the table and his wife asks, " what was that all about"

The farmer replies, "Damnit, I bought another gay rooster!"

Moral of the story, you gotta keep an eye on the FOGs..

08-30-2014, 07:34 AM