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07-05-2014, 02:59 PM
Lightly box pressed with a nice dark wrapper, san Andres if I were to guess, but a quick search says Brazilian Cubra.
Sat for 2 weeks at 62% humidity which has it just right for my tastes. Pre light aroma is woody and leathery with a very easy draw. Construction-wise this stick is great, feels firm for as light as it is.
Once lit the leather takes front stage with cedar as a back of the tongue effect. First third into the second doesn't hit you on the head with any "ah ha" moments as it stays pretty linear as far as taste. If I weren't enjoying the flavor this would be a bad thing but I'm really into what's going on so I'm not complaining about complexity.
The light weight and easy pull do make themselves apparent as the burn, while nice and even, is rather quick. I suppose if I let this soak up more water it would last twice as long. Still, not a bad thing, this is ideal for those that don't have 90 minutes to dedicate to a nice smoke sometimes.
Entering the last 3rd with minor bitterness (to be expected), I would definitely grab a fiver of these in the future. Not a stick to go on a wild hunt for, it's worth the 7 or so bucks a B&M charges. Curious how the red labeled ones are now that I've tried this blend.
Heading over to half wheel now to see another take on this. I wanted to blind taste this and I'm curious to see how this fared against a more refined palette.
Thanks for reading :)