View Full Version : My Father La Antiguedad

06-18-2014, 11:21 PM
I smoked the Robusto size.

Wrapper is pretty veiny and rustic looking. The cigar gives a bit when I squeeze it, but not too much. Pre light draw gives me some pepper on the tongue and lips. Almost no resistance on the draw. I used a punch on the cap.

First several puffs give me a heavy blast of pepper but it eases up a little once I get into it. There is a leathery note with a touch of sweetness behind the pepper that helps give it some balance as I progress through the first third.

Middle third brings mostly leather flavors and the pepper is more on the finish at this point.

In the final third the pepper came back to the forefront and a leathery undertone remained.

Overall, I thought this cigar was in the “just ok” category. I have enjoyed other My Father cigars more. I think there is some potential there and perhaps with some time these cigars could get more interesting.