View Full Version : Gin and Tonic--off the grid

the MacDonald
05-15-2014, 08:35 AM
In my continued effort to get more alcohol into my system, I naturally have had my gin and tonic phases. Most recently I bought some "El Guapo" tonic syrup. This had the same bitter sweet G&T experience I've come to love, but turned up to 11 and a lot more citrus, spice complexity. 8.5 oz cost me 14ish bucks online. That 14 bucks not invested in fine spiritus drinks or cigars!

There a a few recipes online, and frankly the hardest part was finding a source for the cinchona bark, the main ingredient of tonic. I followed the recipe on Imbibe magazines site as a guide. I zested 3 limes, boiled up some pure sugar cane, bark, citric acid, and added some turmeric because it is supposed to be healthy.

What I got was a super complex herbal lime dominant syrup that is frankly hard to describe and a hangover. I like it, but it buries the gin's qualities, farmer's Gin in this case. Is anyone else making there own tonic syrup?