View Full Version : Camacho Corojo Toro (new)

04-23-2014, 07:43 PM
While picking up a few of my favorite Triple Maduros, I decided to try a new blend Corojo in the Toro size. Upon removing the cello, a wave of somewhat pungent aromas was immediately present. Loads of light, sweet floral scents eminated from the stick. Very nice and tasty aromas that were the same on the cold draw, which was fully open. After toasting, similar flavors came at the first few draws. Like the TM, the first half inch or so was a bit rough, but things smoothed out shortly and the cigar became smooth and quite tasty. Citrus, cedar, light sweetness and some spiciness that I cannot quite place were tastes that remained throughout the first half or so. The floral and citrus flavors softened and were replaced with lighter tobacco flavors with the spice and wood remaining. After a bit, the sweetness faded, but fuller tobacco, wood, earthiness and light leather remained to the end. Overall, this was a pretty damn good stick. The draw remained wide open, but a few touch-ups were called for to prevent an irregular burn.
This was the softest cigar I think I've encountered, even before lighting. Seems that the stick was pretty much under filled from the factory. Still, I'd buy more. Not in the same category as the Triple Maduro, which is usually filled well with no soft spots at all. But - a pretty good smoke. :tu

the MacDonald
04-24-2014, 08:50 AM
nice review! I had Its too damn cold and windy in CT right now to smoke anything right now, but my mouth is watering. I had a one of these a while ago, I think its time to get more.

04-24-2014, 11:01 PM
Tried one of the new ones last night.
Less woody and more citrusy than the old blend.
Didn't seem as balanced, but it was pretty fresh.
Not sure I liked it as much as my older stash, but time will tell.