View Full Version : Pinar Del Rio 1878 Double Magnum Maduro

04-17-2014, 08:39 PM
This is a monster of a cigar at 6 x 60 with a dark, almost black wrapper. Pre-light aroma is moderate and includes a bit of mild sweetness chocolate, coffee and earthiness. Toasting takes a while with the large ring, but draw and burn are exceptionally good. These cigars always need a re-light at the 2/3 point for me and this one was no exception. Otherwise, there was no need to touch up at all and burn was mostly straight and always self corrected with any waviness that occurred. Flavor...just damn good and full throughout. Strength IMHO is around the medium/full point. This stick is a little rough for the first half inch, then gets creamy smooth with notes of lightly sweet coffee, cocoa, bitter chocolate and expresso. Around the 2" point, the sweetness fades and is replaced with a leather/ earthiness. Smoke production is mostly very full and robust. Room note is pretty good- one of the better smelling cigars I've run across. Wife even likes this one. Draw is good and the stick stays cool right to the nub. Get this... a little over 2-1/2 hours smoke time! Big Bang for the buck and a tasty stick to boot. Highly recommended! :tu

Porch Dweller
04-18-2014, 07:04 AM
Is this the cigar?

If so, yeah that's a tasty one. I don't smoke many Toros any more but I do still like this one and the Capa Oscura.