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02-16-2014, 03:20 PM
I can't say enough good about Norwood Pipe Repair. After the last work I had done, it was a no questions asked that I'm a customer for life. The speed & quality of the service is second to none.

I had an old figural briar that had a broken bone screw and missing amber stem. The pipe isn't really anything special other than the fact I figured it deserves to be used. I opted for a stronger metal screw in place of using a replacement bone screw which would probably break again down the road. Being I couldn't make up my mind for what stem to use, I chose an amber looking acrylic stem and churchwarden. The work sounds easy enough...but the air passage hole isn't perfectly center in the shank AND the top is a little more round than the bottom which means more than normal shaping had to be done for proper fits. I will also add that both stems fit perfect when screwed in snug. There were also teeth marks at the end of the shank from the last owner using it without a stem that were removed & polished.

I was told if this is from the came carver judging from the mark on the pipe, and if he also carved meers, that the pipe is around 120 years old.

As for the speed of the work. I mailed the pipe out First Class on the 10th, we spoke on the phone on the 12th, and got the pipe back on the 16th.