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05-21-2013, 07:36 AM
There are anglers who are fully cognizant of their actions. They take part in their hobby, in whatever small way they are able, whenever they can. This thread is not for them.
What about those that angle, and cannot help it? Casting a line into waters when it is clearly against ethics or rules, or DNR laws? Whether unknowing of the statutes, or simply attempting to fill their coolers with illicit fish?
Fishers Anonymous, we are here to help. We will come to your home, break your 'rods,' irrevocably contaminate your coolers with unpleasant substances, and try to teach you that you should simply go to the store if you can't seem to understand that unethical fishing hurts us all, not to mention earns scorn and ridicule from those of us who enjoy piscatorial delights via ethical and respectable actions.
Your fishing expedition may not, in the global sense, be as cool as you think. Think before you fish. Think how the enforcement team of FA would like to educate you before putting a line in the water. You wouldn't want to give anglers a bad name, would you? Just for a few illicit and ill-gotten fish?
We are here to help.

Please visit us at www.fishingexpedition.com for advice, counseling, and help if you think you may succumb to your desires of filling your coolers.

We are here to help.