View Full Version : Scott W's Christmas brew reviews-Corsendonk Christmas Ale

11-27-2012, 09:10 PM
750ml bottle, nicely chilled.
Poured reddish hazy brown, not too much much carbonation once the head settled. 8.5 ABV

I looked forward to this one all day. Poured nice out of the bottle and smelled like cherries, some coriander and cinnamon. High ABV and heavy on the calories but it went down smooth and reminded me of smoking a good cigar or pipe by the fire talking with friends. I got this one for 8.99 and I thought it was a good deal. Not dragging these reviews out so all ill say is grab one and split it with a friend. I'd recommend a Virginia tobacco for a pipe which is what i smoked with it, or a PSD4 or Maduro NC to go with this beer. Not disappointing.