View Full Version : Scott W's Christmas brew reviews- Sam Adams White Christmas

11-27-2012, 09:08 PM
I am a huge fan of Christmas, always have been. I also am a huge fan of beer, again, always have been since those baby sips of the old mans Coors original as a kid. Anyway, as you may know, my brother and I did a Christmas brew tasting at his house two weeks ago.
Anyway, Here is the Sam Adams White Christmas,probably my first or second favorite out of the bunch.

the beer is in a 12 oz bottle and pours a hazy orange with a nice thick head. The nose is of some baking spices, orange peel and bread. The flavors are much the same and the beer offers a long finish. The ABV on this is about 5.6 and after 6 of them, not only can you feel the booze, you can feel your gut expanding. Initially, I got a lot of breads flavors followed by some clove and the cinnamon and orange in the finish. One thing that I had done was take a pull, swirl it in my mouth and then once swallowed, I breathed out my nose and mouth with my mouth open. It reminded me of the holidays and was very pleasant. That said, after a few of these, the aftertaste isnt as pleasant so if you care to indulge, keep it to 2 or 3 of these during a session. At 10 bucks a 6 pack, I'd recommend grabbing one or two for the season.