View Full Version : Considering the Rancilio Silvia... what do I need to know.

Sauer Grapes
10-16-2012, 04:10 PM
OK, I know I'll need a good grinder as well.

Some questions I have for those familiar with the machine...

- do I need to add a PID controller to get consistent results from the machine?
- any particular reason why I shouldn't get a used one instead of a new one? (anything unique to the Silvia that makes buying used unwise)
- at this price point, is there something else I should be looking at as well?
- anything else I should be aware about with this machine?

I'll basically be using it on weekends and drinking coffee during the week since it's free at work. I will probably use it once or twice during the week as well though. I am new to brewing my own espresso and I've heard the Silvia can be finicky. I am a quick learner though and think I'll be able to figure it out relatively quickly.