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06-18-2012, 07:24 AM
I normally don't think of something I could do in my sleep as a recipe worth posting, but this weekend
I ate almost an entire pot of these, and I live alone. Which is impressive in two ways. A., how can one man
eat almost a whole pot of beans in two days and B., you'd HAVE to live alone to get away with it.

OK, I have almost sworn exclusively onto Baby Backs, but occasionally I do pick up spare-ribs on sale
and when I do, I cut em in a St. Louis configuration. As anyone who does this knows, you end up with
some diverse trimmings when you cut em up. The thin flap of meat doesn't smoke well cause it gets too
chewy and overcooks and the other part is so full of cartilage that although it smokes AWESOME, not
too many people like to encounter this big white tube in their food. So I cut all of it up and bag it for
this recipe. It's not scientific, since most of the measures are Justin Wilson-style 'toss this in, toss that in'.

Soak a pound or two of beans overnight in water. Doesn't matter how much you use, I guess about two cups
will do it, but it doesn't affect the outcome much if you use more, and if you have a big pot and freezer space
I think more is definitely more. Rinse twice afterwards and then fill the container like you are going to
rinse them again and just hold that aside.

OK first brown the rib-trimmins' in a little oil. When they are browned a bit, (no need to go overboard)
I take a little more oil and add 3-5 tablespoons of flour to make a roux. All my recipes use a roux just about,
so I won't go into detail on that, plus there is the internet. When your roux gets medium-dark brown,
pour the beans and water in the pot to stop the intense cooking of the oily roux and save it from burning.
I am known for making a FAST roux, it takes me less than a minute and achieves the same color and
taste as the grandma roux that takes a half hour or more. But you need a cook-stopper ON HAND
nearby or you will burn it everytime. I WILL post this again...if you burn a roux, you HAVE to start
over. NEVER throw good meat into a bad roux....especially not expensive seafood.

Once the water and beans are in the pot, add the meat and about 1.5 tablespoons of garlic powder
and the same amount of onion powder. You CAN use the real deal, I just happened to not have any
onions on hand the other day and it works fine with powder. I also add an ingredient that you can leave
out if you like, cumin....a teaspoon won't hurt it or make it too mexican. I add salt to taste and black
pepper as well. I use a coarse grind but that is up to you, as is some white pepper to balance the heat.

Once you mix all that up good with a spoon, I like to add water to fill the pot 3/4 full and bring it to
a rolling boil. Once the mix is boiling, cover and reduce the heat to low and just leave it for an hour.
After that remove the lid and cook it down to reduce the liquid to your liking and about every half hour
go in and stir it and chunk the meat with the side of a large spoon to get it broken down good.

You can eat this over rice, but I like it just in a bowl alone. This is exceptional foodstuffs.
Once you try this you will never smoke that trimmed stuff again, unless you make it for the dogs which
I also do often. But this recipe makes it a tough call.

Last warning, Pintos create the WORST methane you can imagine. The make red and white beans look like
Chanel No.5 in comparison. This is like pure oilfield methane release. Stay clear of your loved ones
after this dinner. YOU CAN reduce the power of the gas by cooking longer or using any old wives tale
kind of method you know, and in this case, I would strongly recommend it. NOXIOUS on the way out,
but DELICIOUS when you are eating it.

06-18-2012, 07:37 AM
The only two methods for reducing gas that I know work are the soaking time, never soak these less than
overnight, 20 hours or so is a minimum I would think, and when the recipe nears it's end, a potato masher
sure helps to break the beans down into a mushier consistency. This also helps a lot you will find.

And NEVER, EVER add salt until the very end.