View Full Version : Anyone ever grind with a Ninja Kitchen System?

06-11-2012, 04:56 PM
I have a cheapo burr grinder that I picked up and just haven't been overly pleased with the coarse grind. Even the coarse setting isn't totally desirable for french pressing and definitely too fine for cold brewing.

While at work the other night, my wife gave the ninja a try and pulsed it and it turned out coarse enough to use for cold brewing. I'm sure you could grind away to make it finer, but it seems like it's my answer to not buying another grinder because the one I had just wasn't up to par.

Here was just a little something that turned up on a google search for it after the fact. http://homesteaderkitchen.com/ninja-blender/ninja-pulse-blender-coffee-grinder/

Now I can use the money I was going to use on a grinder to get a better roaster-I think this popper I have isn't putting out enough heat anymore cuz it's taking 15 minutes to get to 2nd crack now.