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06-05-2012, 02:49 PM
I received a 50g tin in a trade and making the decision to smoke it right away I put it in a mason jar. the tobacco was bone dry and needed rehydrated so jarring it helped with that. On the bottom of the tin it is described as such, "A mellow blend of US-Virginia tobaccos and high quality Macedonian grades-exclusive, aristocratic pipe mixture."

The jar note is of a woody, earthy and a slight old leather smell. You can see the brights, the red, yellow VA's and the black latakia. It is described as a course cut, but to me seemed more ribbon cut to me other then the big pieces of latakia.

This being a tobacco that has been around close to 100 years I was excited to try it. This review is based on about 5 bowls of this tobacco so bear with me here as I describe my regimen. I took enough tobacco for my pipe and placed it on a clean sheet of paper to dry which was roughly 30 minutes. I loaded my pipe using the 3 step method which I learned 25 years ago in Hackers book. Using wooden matches I gave my pipe a charring light, let it rest and did the relight. Every bowl I smoked of this stayed lit and smoked down to a light dottle. Twice I was smoking this a round a friend and was told it smelled awful, So I would give that a fail on the room note. This was not a very complex smoke, I could taste and smell some of the latakia. If your after a nicotine hit, this will give it to you. To me this is just a sub-par English Blend. I will smoke the rest that I have but it does not speak to me. There are many other tobaccos I smoke that are much better so I do not see myself buying this to smoke or cellar. I will give this not recommend, but IMHO go buy a tin a find out for yourself!!!!! -(P:hy;s-(P:sl

06-09-2012, 09:18 AM
It has its fanatic adherents, but my tastes quite agree with your summation.