View Full Version : Art of Tea- Iron Goddess of Mercy- Roasted

the nub
04-15-2012, 02:11 PM
This tea was purchased through Devan, who graciously put together a very well run GB from Art of Tea. :tu

Unfortunately, the tea itself was laughable in quality. More unfortunate, is that I bought 1lb. of this junk. This retails for $16 for 4oz. Roughly about $12 too much.

This tea is labelled as Iron Goddess of Mercy, which is generally reserved for premium quality oolong. I would rate this as utility grade at best. A large percentage of stems- more than I've ever seen in any oolong, including grocery store bulk variety. Not a single full leaf. I brewed the tea, Gungfu style in a Yishing pot. Initial wash with a first steep of 45 seconds. Flavor was that of non-descript roasted oolong with some maltiness resembling Wu Yi rock oolong. Otherwise, very flat and without character. Second steep was not much better. Third steep, nothing.

At the retail price, I can't believe how poor the quality is. Not recommended.