View Full Version : Wineador Planning...What 'ya think?...

01-10-2012, 09:17 AM
I am planning on building a wineador in the near future. I currently have a wine fridge (vissani) in my office but it's a compressor type. If I am going to do this and have a couple hundred dollars worth of drawers made for something I would rather it was the proper type.so...
>Are compressor type fridges fundamentally worthless for a humidor?

Also I already have my vissani built into a cabinet that I really don't want to modify, that leaves me fitting something in the current given space. I really like the Newair that is so popular it's very classy IMO but way too small for my space. Anyways here's the fridge I found with very similar dimensions to my current one and I think it's beautiful.OPINIONS?


Always; opinions, facts and constructive criticism appreciated :)