View Full Version : beer and cigar pairings

07-11-2011, 12:27 AM
after a long and harrowing week, 7 days straight 12 hr days, me and little mama decided to take a ride up to Mo to the package store (don't even get me started , we live in a dry county) anyhoo... our fave booze depot has finally gotten in the sammy summer ale i've been requesting for the past month, yay weeee! it's a great summer beverage, wheaty with a slight lemony finish. i paired that with an onyx robusto. outstanding combo, hanging out by the fire pit takin' in the stars. even lil' mama who likes to taste but never smokes her own ( "except for those little nudos in the tin" her words ) said she liked the combo. i said, "yeah the ascotts" and she said "no those little nudos in the tin"... go figure....