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07-03-2011, 11:54 AM
My wife loves to cook and loves to entertain - I am a lucky man :D

We had some friends over last night and the menu was inspired by traditional 4th of July BBQ...

Sparkling rose (Cordoniu Pinot Noir Brut) with caviar and creme fraiche topped olive oil potato chips
Roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic aioli

Warm basil and spinach salad with prosciutto, parmesan, pine nuts
Mini lobster rolls
Filet mignon "sliders" with Roaring Forties blue cheese and/or hollandaise
French green beans with garlic
(home made buns, Goldeneye Pinot Noir, La Crema Chardonnay)

Strawberry Meringue Cake with Fresh Cream, coffee
Chocolate Truffles
Mini chocolate brownies topped with toasted Marshmallow fluff

Only had one other taker for a cigar but we had some nice 06 RASS next to the fire pit...


07-03-2011, 11:57 AM
Wow! Sounds fantastic Julian :tu

Your wife sure knows how to cook. Many of those dishes are extremely labor intensive and require a lot of babysitting (especially the hollandaise sauce). Congrats to you buddy :cool:

And Happy 4th!

07-03-2011, 12:00 PM
Sounds like an AWESOME time. :D

07-03-2011, 12:09 PM
especially the hollandaise sauce

Actually that was one of the easy parts... Search "blender hollandaise" - not sure of the exact recipe she uses but it's quick and delicious.
Had eggs benedict this morning with leftovers :)

Happy 4th to you too!

07-03-2011, 12:14 PM
Cool :tu

I've only ever made hollandaise the traditional way which is a pain in the ass to keep it from breaking. Your breakfast sounds great!

07-03-2011, 12:58 PM
Your wife likes to entertain, you like cigars, and I like out of town visitors who are willing to cook in my kitchen. What's not to love!

Sounds like a dream evening, my friend.

07-03-2011, 03:28 PM
And to think, if you still lived in Chicago, I mighta been there. :dr

Happy 4th, Julian! :D

07-03-2011, 03:46 PM
Sounds like a hell of a menu. Kind of reminds me of the parties I get drug to around Christmas time. Except these are all stuck up douche bags and they don't allow cigar smoking even in their backyards. I always end up back at my house with some people for a good cigar. Anyways, looks like you had a great evening and congrats on having a very kitchen savvy wife. If she ever does cooking lessons let me know and I'll send my girlfriend up there :r. :tu

07-04-2011, 09:33 AM
sounds like a great meal and time

07-04-2011, 03:32 PM
Sounds like a delicious way to celebrate!

Your wife must be a certified gourmet... far from the run-of-the-mill burgers and dogs. :D

Happy Independence Day!