View Full Version : Garrison Brothers Bourbon - Texas' First Bourbon

05-25-2011, 08:19 PM
This is the first bourbon made outside of TN and KY in the US and is a Texas original down to its ingredients.

They started with a 2008 vintage and release teaser 375ml bottles twice in 2010 that sold out within days.
Recently the first full 750ml bottles came out. Only available in the Texas hill country , a scant hand numbered
4200 bottles were made available. I had to pull a few favors to get these bottles.

I am not a bourbon fiend, but do enjoy a good bourbon and beer from time to time so bear with me.

On to the review:

Tasting done neat with a side of water.

Pours clean and neat with a lovely caramel color. Very fruity nose with a definite hint of the heat
to come (94 proof). First sip is cool to the lips, with a great bourbon flavor (sorry can't describe this).
When swallowed a punch of heat followed by mellow warmth. As the warmth subside nice woodsy after taste.

All in all a good bourbon to pair with cigars, but then again I haven't found one that doesn't.

As their distribution increases I hope to be able to source this bourbon consistently. It is a worthy effort
of a small family owned distillery, something we woefully lack in Texas.




05-26-2011, 07:13 AM
Sounds very interesting. I would love to try this bourbon and see how similar/different it is to some of my favorite KY bourbons. Thanks for the review and for giving me a new bottle to search for! ;-)