View Full Version : Fr300 Roaster question

04-25-2011, 05:23 PM
so since I have gotten my machine I make batches with 35 mins in between its been what 1-2 months that I have had it and at base at each black knob that holds the glass it is cracking from the metal to the black knob. Is this common? or am I going to need to buy a new 1 soon, bah ,thought this would last me years.

04-25-2011, 07:30 PM
This is NOT right and should be corrected by the company you bought it from.

I've read about this happening on coffee forums and hearing people say it is cosmetic and somewhat common on the Freshroast, but I would personally be concerned about the fit of the roasting chamber on top of the cracked base, as proper air circulation for that roaster is key.

I am not sure of the warranty on the FR, but any good vendor will send that back for a base replacement.

I got mine from Sweet Maria's and cracked the glass roasting chamber the first night, which was my fault.

They overnighted me a new one free of charge.

I haven't used mine in a couple years though, since I got my Behmor which has served me flawlessly through a couple hundred pounds of roasts, which will anger all the Behmor critics I'm sure.

The right thing for them to do would be to send you a new base with a return label and not have you roasterless while they replace the defective base, imo.