View Full Version : Any Senseo users?

02-19-2011, 10:31 PM
I've been using a Philips Senseo coffee pod brewer for 3 years now and really like it. I recently won a high-end Cuisinart K-cup brewer at a cigar event (thanks seriouscigars.com) but haven't found any coffee that compares to the premium brews I'm used to drinking with the coffee pods. Plus I like the "texture" that the frothing chamber adds to the coffee over the more standard drip coffee machine texture the K-cups provide.

I order coffee pods from TheCoffeeArtisan.com and they have a lot of stuff I like. I like the Fratello Ethiopian Sidamo Special Prep and Fratello Nicaraguan Los Placere pods a lot.

If there are any Senseo users here, what are your favorites?