View Full Version : Auber PID?

03-31-2010, 07:55 PM
I am looking at 3 different rancilio sylvias on ebay. One says it is a version 1 with an Auber PID , another says it was bought in 2007 and was the latest model then (whatever version that is), and the last says it is 9 years old and manufactured in 1999 (no mention of version). Considering I know little about all these types of machines, I'm lost as to what the best machine (version, age..) would be. I have had a lot of recommendations for rancilio machines, in general. I am also looking at a version 2 rancilio sylvia with a rocky grinder on coffeegeek. It's hard to get a frame of reference for the ebay items since there is no telling where the price will end up. There is a La Cimbali Jr grinder on ebay as well. How is this grinder compared to the Rocky. If I can end up with any of the machines on ebay paired with the Cimbali grinder, would that be as good as the rancilio/rocky combo? Also, how important is the PID compared to just waiting for the ready light to flash? Or am i missing something major about the PID?

04-03-2010, 02:07 PM
I too am curious about the PID on the Silvia.

I too saw the ones on Ebay last night.
Personally, for something this expensive, I rather buy a new one.
Google it. Lots of places have it around $600.
Worth the extra few bucks for a new one and 1 yr warranty.