View Full Version : MacBaran HH Mature Virginia

10-26-2008, 06:53 AM
Mild, sweet, fruity, smoky..............all can be used to describe this excellent VA blend. At first puff all the flavors are there in a cool, mild smokiness. Probably a bit of VA cavendish in it to amplify the smoky, sweetness. Picks up some strength as it gets a little hotter, but no typical MacB tongue bite here. All in all a great tobak for you VA lovers. I still find it a bit boring, as I seem to prefer a little Perique or Latkia to liven things up.

10-27-2008, 09:57 PM
Good review!

This is a good VA blend with little to none of the infamous 'MacBaren Bite'. It's good, but nothing to make me want to rush out and grab some more.

11-19-2008, 01:55 PM
I have some of this in my "cellar", I'm going to have to light some up here soon. I'll add my humble reviewing skills when I do