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Curly Cut
09-16-2009, 09:30 AM
gonna try and do it based on the style of review from the sheet that designwise1 posted, where the ratings add up to X out of 100.


Place & Date = Garage (cold front moved into KC this week) tonight
Tobacco = Davidoff Flake Medallions
Type = Curlies
Cut Width = Fine (thinner than Escudo)
Cut Length = Short
Ingredients = Va, Perique, Black Cavendish (declared)

Evaluated Aspects scale of 0-4:
Appearance (package): 4 - although it was tough to get open.
Appearance (tobacco): 3 - bright curly cuts w/ black cav center, a little too thinly cut for me, made it harder to rub out to the consistency i wanted.
Condition (humidity level): 4 - didn't have to let it dry, was ready to go out of the tin
Smell: 2
Packing (easy to difficult): 4 - easy, very finely cut, easy to rub out
Lighting (easy to difficult): 4 - very easy, was the right humidity.
Taste (beginning): 2 - a little harshness, both on the flavor and out the nose. nice nutty flavor in the background.
Aroma (beginning): 4 - my wife commented that she liked it.
Taste (halfway): 2 - still the slight harshness, flavor's not bad, but not as good as Escudo to me.
Aroma (halfway): 2 - don't really know, my wife was done smoking by then.
Taste (end): 2 - settle down to a funky tangy-ness, not very "perique-like" to me.
Aroma (end): 2 - who knows.
Consistency of taste: 3 - it varied only a bit here and there. started off nice, with some nutty flavors, then slowly grooved into a tangy flavor.
Consistency of aroma: 2 - don't have a clue, really.
Combustion: 4 - burned like a fuggin champ. stayed lit right outta the tin, the whitest ash (although that doesn't matter) i've seen in a pipe.
Humidity during smoke: 4 - dry as a bone, no gurgle at all, not even close.
Tongue irritations: 2 - may be due to its age, but it had a bit of a bite to it, but i do tend to smoke a little too fast.
Throat irritation: 4 - ??? none.
Stomach irritation: 4 - ??? again, never heard of this.
Satisfaction of smoke: 3 - satisfied. surprised as well.
After-taste: 2 - almost a 3. good, a little different, not quite as sweet VAs as Escudo. i didn't get the "perique" in the flavors like i do with Escudo or some of the other lighter Va/Pers, like McConnells Scottish Cake.
Smell to others (around you): 4 - judging by my wifes comments, "i don't like those dark tobaccos." <-- whatever that means.
quality-price rapport: 3 - i guess that means, "is it overpriced compared to the quality of the tobacco?" in this case, i guess it's not. hard to find though.

Impressionistic Evaluation (choose one):
__this is one of the best... blah, blah, blah.... (8 pts)
_X_i wouldn't mind paying for it... blah, blah, blah.... (6 pts)
__only if someone gave me a tin, etc (4 pts)
__i don't like it, but can understand other may (2 pts)
__one of the worst tobacs i've ever smoked (0 pts)