View Full Version : McClellands St. James Woods

Curly Cut
09-16-2009, 09:18 AM
i have a 100g tin of this that i fully rubbed out upon opening (as i do for ALL McClelland flakes). then it was promptly shipped to PA for a business trip for a month where i wasn't at... :su

so, had a small bowl of it as i was driving around this afternoon.
flavor was alright.
ease of lighting was better than average for a McC flake.
tamper worked good on it (some tobaccos don't like being tamped, it seems).

overall, it wasn't very in your face with anything. the VAs wern't prominent, the perique didn't kick sand in your face...

solid tobacco, just not above average in any category at all.
this is only my 2nd to 5th bowl of it though, and it's just now drying out enough to smoke. maybe i'll devote more time to it and it'll impress.
for now, it's something i would smoke but not buy again as there are many more out there that have something about them that i'd like to smoke, this one just .... smokes.