View Full Version : Companies that ship to Europe

Don Fernando
10-22-2008, 12:36 PM
Unfortunately, not a lot of non European/Asian based online retailers will ship to Europe, but I want to make a list of companies that do and don't:

these companies won't ship to Europe
Cigar international
Silo cigars

these companies will ship to Europe
Taboo cigars (http://www.taboocigars.com/main.sc)
Kioki cigars (http://www.kiokicigars.com/)
Atlantic cigars (http://www.atlanticcigar.com/)
Vegas de Santiago (http://www.vegassantiago.com)
Don Ursulo cigars (http://www.donursulo.com/)
Don Rigo cigars (http://www.rigoscigars.com/)
Island smoke shop (http://www.islandsmokeshop.com/)