View Full Version : Waccamaw: Low Country Pipe and Cigar

08-03-2009, 08:18 PM
Description:"Bright leaf serving as the base is typical of the tobaccos grown in this region, while beautiful Red Virginias lend it sweetness and structure. Perique and a dash of exotic Izmir leaf complete this complex, satisfying flake. "

Experience: A nice Vaper with touch of Izmir make this a pleasant Virginia with a little zest. A very solid tobacco flavor with a woody, tea-like flavor. Smooth and silky with a zesty top end (perique?) this lends itself for all day smoking. A Very nice after lunch smoke as a respite in the middle of a hectic day. Definitely worth a try!

Conclusion: 3 out of 5 stars- Solid flavor with little complexity. Has a solid flavor and tolerable room note. Overall a nice blend, but not fantastic. This is worth a try if you want something to smoke on in the afternoon when you want something that isn't going to whip your ass or make you regret burning up something significant. Worth your time. :pi