View Full Version : McClelland Bulk 5125 Coyote Classic

07-23-2009, 04:06 PM
I was looking through tobaccos to order for my Newby Sampler trade with TheTraveler and some how I threw a few ounces of this in the ol' cart. I guess the mention of Oriental intrigued me. I am by no means a good reviewer, hell I don't even know what tobac falls into what genre, but there are so many blends out there I figure any bit of help is good :)

Here is what PipesandCigars has to say about it:

A rich, full, Oriental mixture made for the American taste. A classic outdoor smoke for the woodsman or cowpoke. Stout with lots of Latakia and fragrant Turkish, with just enough naturally sweet matured Virginia for balance.

On first light I notes a strong lemon kick on the tip of the tongue with a light and pleasant sweetish campfire/tobacco flavor that slowly and cleanly tapered off. The intense lemon flavor tapered off after awhile, but is still quite noticeable throughout the bowl.

Once you work through the kick in the face tang at the begin it turns out to be one of the more light flavored smokes I've come across. In my limited experience this blend would make a good non-aromatic intro blend for a citrus loving newer smoker, or FOG I suppose :D