View Full Version : Garlic/ Rosemary grilled Tri-tip

03-29-2009, 12:23 PM
I love to grill tri-tip roasts and this is how I did last nights.

2 whole tri-tip roasts
4-6 whole cloves of garlic (can use pre-chopped or minced)
3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
splash of red wine vinegar

this is what I used but can be adapted for your own flavor profile!
Black pepper
left over garlic/rosemary
and a bit of seasoned salt ( Johnny's is my preference)

I put the garlic, rosemary and vinegar in my "magic bullet" and chop, do not puree gotta have chunks.

I then take a knife and cut 1/2" wide slits down into the meat 3/4's of the way about every 1" or so and put a pinch of the garlic/rosemary into it. After the whole roast is done I sprinkle the rub on both sides and place into the fridge for a couple hours. I will then pull the meat and let set to get to room temp for around 1/2 hour to 45 min. Heat up the grill and when hot, throw on the meat. Depending on the thickness of the meat or how your grill cooks will depend on the length of time, I will do 7-10 min on each side. 130-135 should give you a med rare which is how I like it. After pulling the meat off the grill the temp will continue to rise a bit, so pull off a bit early so the meat can rest and come up to optimal temp.